Are Teacher Tailored Supply Kits Right for Your School?

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Teacher Tailored School Supply Kits
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Teacher Tailored School Supply Kit Box and Products

Every year, teachers send out school supply lists. They generally try to keep the lists to necessities only, but inevitably, parents will complain or not get everything on the list. Classrooms generally use the same supplies across grade levels. Some teachers may add or remove items from the general supply list, but first graders in California usually use similar supplies as the ones in North Carolina. School supplies run out or are simply unavailable because the entire country is shopping at the same time. 

Some parents have taken to online shopping, but even major online retailers run out of supplies during certain times of the year. Additionally, when vendors run out, parents either do not get the appropriate supplies or pay expedited shipping from more expensive sites once they finally locate them. Teachers, parents, and students all wind up frustrated. The best solution is the Teacher Tailored Supply Kit

Benefits of Teacher Tailored Supply Kits

For the PTO or PTA, you can help your school by suggesting they use Teacher Tailored supply kits. There are several ways it can benefit the organization and school. Here are just a few:

All Students Get the Same Thing

Teachers, who know that their students will be prepared, are often more at ease when beginning the school year. Students will also feel better about beginning the year knowing that they all have the same supplies and the same brands. Parents are happy that shopping was a breeze. Students who struggle financially can still get the same supplies as other students, and there will no longer be a stigma. Plus with the Teacher Tailored Extras program you can offer top quality backpacks, lunch bags and more in the latest styles and colors.

Fundraising Opportunities

These kits can also be used as a fundraiser. No one has to go out shopping as the order forms are sent directly to the school. Teacher Tailored Supply Kits are ordered online individually by the parent, and can be shipped to the school or to the student’s home. Parents and community members can also sponsor additional boxes for students who may not be able to afford to purchase school supplies. 

Ease of PTO/PTA Teacher Gifts

The PTO/PTA often gifts the teacher or classroom with supplies needed to ensure a smooth-running classroom. With Teacher Tailored Supply Kits, the PTO/PTA will know precisely what the teacher wants for his or her classroom. 

Uniform Supplies

Everyone in the class gets the same supplies, but several classrooms can provide the same items in their kits to ensure entire grade levels have the exact supplies. If grade levels teach in teams or have some kind of rotation between teachers, the kits can make sure that each class has the same supplies and the teachers do not have to change plans for each group. 

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of reasons to use Teacher Tailored Supply Kits. The supply kits are one-stop shopping for parents and provide teachers with the peace of mind they need at the beginning of the year.

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