More Than School Supply Kits, Teacher Tailored Offers A Complete Package!

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When it comes to choosing a school supply program for your school, the convenience and cost savings for parents is just the beginning. As a parent organization or school administrator, you also need to look for a comprehensive program that makes distributing the supply kits to students easy and well organized.

Teacher Tailored’s School Supply Kit Program offers a complete package that has proved successful for thousands of schools for more than 25 years.  Teacher Tailored Supply Kits are customized and personalized for each student according to the specific items required by their grade-level teachers. Each student will receive their supplies inside a durable, keepsake box which can be used to organize and save their school achievements for years to come.

But the benefits of Teacher Tailored Kits don’t stop there. The kit boxes feature color coded handles by grade for easy sorting AND personalized labels with the student’s name and grade making distribution day a breeze.

Add-on items such as Backpacks, Water Bottles, and Lunch Bags are grouped separately and labeled with the student’s name as well. The kit boxes and add-on items arrive safely packed in large master cartons and stacked on pallets. The master cartons are grouped by grade level for easy unpacking and sorting. Your volunteers will also appreciate the Master Order List that is alphabetized by grade for easy reference.

These are just some of the many reasons why Teacher Tailored has been the name which millions of students recognize as the back-to-school supply kit of choice. If you have any questions, or would like to receive a FREE Sample kit, please reach out to a representative today. Call 1.800.975.KITS or email us to start a conversation today.

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