School Delivery and Home Delivery — The Differences, Explained.

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December 18, 2021
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February 28, 2022

For over 25 years Teacher Tailored has been making back-to-school easier for students, parents, and school administrators by developing a proven supply kit program that’s centered around savings and convenience.

The Teacher Tailored School Supply Kit Program brings you even greater convenience today, by offering two distribution and delivery options: “school delivery” and “home delivery.” 

Both delivery options include all of your favorite Teacher Tailored program features such as: easy and secure online ordering, premium discounts, special incentives, free marketing materials, and dedicated reliable customer service. But when it comes time for kit distribution, as a school organization — you need a program that has built-in options.

At Teacher Tailored, we’re committed to making distribution easy for you. To help you decide which delivery system is the best fit for your school, we’ll explain some important differences.

With Teacher Tailored “School Delivery” 

• Kits are shipped to the school for distribution in our durable briefcase style boxes.
• Kits feature color coded handles or color coded labels by grade for easy sorting
• Each Kit is personalized with the student’s name and grade
• Each Kit includes personalized ID labels for use on materials
• All backpacks and lunch accessories are also shipped to the school and labeled with the student’s name and grade
• The Kit Box is designed to also be used as a container for parents to store their child’s achievements — becoming a treasured time capsule of the entire school year.

With Teacher Tailored “Home Delivery”

• School Supplies are neatly packed in sturdy shipping boxes
Each Kit is shipped directly to the student’s home
• Shipping costs are included in the cost of each Kit
• Shipment and tracking details are provided to parents prior to delivery
• Blank labels are provided for the child’s use in labeling supplies
• Home Delivery also removes the need for many volunteers and a facility for distribution day

Teacher Tailored is committed to making back-to-school a success for your school. If you have any questions, or would like to receive a FREE Sample kit, please reach out to a representative today. Call 1.800.975.KITS to start a conversation today.

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