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Touchless Fundraising Initiative Helps Schools Meet Their Funding Goals

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LOS ANGELES, CA, January 22, 2021

SchoolKidz’ Teacher Tailored has launched a new Touchless Fundraising initiative to help school groups raise money in a virtual, online manner. Given the effects of Covid-19, many students and PTOs are working from home and unable to run in-person fundraisers. SchoolKidz has solved this problem and is launching this service to let school groups and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) provide their school communities various online fundraiser options.

The Touchless Fundraising provides a safe and convenient way for School groups to raise money for their organization. Essentially, a school signs on to participate and then they are able to run various digital fundraiser programs. For example, they can let parents and students purchase over 650 products across fourteen categories. The school earns a portion of the revenue from each sale. This opportunity offers benefits of virtual kick-offs, shoppable e-catalogs, and online payment. This allows the fundraising team to generate more funds in a much more efficient way, saving time and paper-intensive effort.

The launch of this new Touchless Fundraising service shows Schoolkidz’ Teacher Tailored’s focus on innovation and providing additional solutions for our network of school, PTO, parent, and non-profit partners.

“We are pleased by the positive results generated by these Touchless Fundraising services. We can help them meet and exceed their fundraising targets. Please reach out to us here to learn more about how SchoolKidz can help your non-profit run a safe, profitable virtual fundraiser,” said Jim Mulder, SchoolKidz President.

In Ossian, Indiana, Ossian Elementary parent Jamie described the current challenges for school fundraising “Our PTO had been looking for new ways to raise money. Parents are getting busier and finding volunteers for events is getting more and more difficult. When COVID hit and we were unsure if doing a fundraiser would work, we looked into the SchoolKidz Virtual Fundraiser as we thought it might be the best option.”

Jamie then went on to describe how they were able to work with the SchoolKidz Touchless Fundraising program, “They had many options to work for whatever situation we were in. We could have done it all virtually with products shipping to each supporter’s home, but we wanted to include frozen food, so we opted for a Virtual Fundraiser with drive through pick up. We were blown away with the results – not only did we get more participation than we expected, but we more than tripled our profit goal!! The feedback we received from parents on both the fundraiser and the pick-up procedure has been nothing but positive! What an amazing experience and we are excited to continue doing this fundraiser and have already rebooked for next fall!”

Amanda from Waterloo Elementary in Indiana said “This was our first year working with SchoolKidz and the Virtual Fundraiser. The fundraiser was SO easy to do! All communication was written for me so all I had to do was copy and paste it into our communication forums and hit send! Items arrived in a very timely manner and were packed by the seller, ready to go! The incentive prizes came all packed with the student they belonged to. I literally opened the box, sorted the students by class, and delivered them to the student. It was the easiest fundraiser ever!”

Rick Bigelow, Senior Vice President at Skyview Capital and Executive Chairman of Schoolkidz.com, said “The pandemic has made these online fundraising activities even more crucial. We are very pleased that a number of schools have seen success with their safe, touchless fundraisers.”

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